Some kind words from our customers.

“Been down the road as far as Concealed Carry (CCW) for a few years and its not an easy process bc of classes, times, locations, convenience and above all else…comfort of the process. Of the places I used, and researched, I found Reload Firearms, and couldn’t be happier.  This place is EASILY the BEST OPTION if you live in the Baltimore, Baltimore Co or Carroll Co areas or can make it there! The classes are not only informative (what they’re actually for) but a pleasure. John is easy to learn from and a great person to inquire anything having to do with firearms. Amy is and has been a huge help throughout the ENTIRE PROCESS as far as knowing what needs to be done as well helping you get all things completed. I cannot stress enough how valuable these things are when talking “State Licensing” etc. There are many steps that need to be taken so unless you do this all the time, you can be screwed by either material needed, or timelines needed. stop playing around and get it done right the first time…go to RELOAD FIREARMS, period. ITs a lot of stresses each time, not just the first time. I will be back when my license needs to be updated on the next go round. Thanks a million Reload Firearms :)”

– Mark R.  

“My experience at Reload Firearms was very pleasant and smooth. The class was very helpful and it touched on very important and key elements to consider. I would highly recommend Reload to anyone. John and Amy were great!”

– Greg Rubin

“Not only do I feel safer handling, loading, and eventually carrying a firearm, but I also feel much more aware of the laws surrounding wear and carry. The full days of class for the HQL and Wear and Carry breeze right by, and I left with pages of notes. John is very aware of the laws that anyone needs to know in order to safely and carry with awareness. Amy is a pro with the paperwork required for all the firearm processing.

This team of professionals ensure that you get the education you need, and they also ensure that your paperwork and permits are carefully filed in a timely manner. I will continue to take my business and education needs to Reload and Reload only. I will recommend this team of professionals to anyone needing any level of training, from complete beginner to the seasoned professional, to those who need renewals for permits, and more. Thank you again, Reload, and John and Amy.”

– Grace Cloutier

“My experience with Reload Firearms was an enjoyable and rewarding one. I chose to sign up for the class because Amy had given an employee of mine her business card and asked if they would give it to me. I had previously thought about a Wear and Carry class, but was hesitant, and after talking with Amy decided that she assessed my personal situation and reassured my original thoughts to pursue.

I expected the class to be very regimented and boring, but I was wrong. John was our instructor and he was top notch, explaining laws in Maryland and how to handle real world situations covering gun handling, ammunition choices, and how to carry for real world applications to name a few. John also took the time to include the participants of this class into these situations not just explaining, but actually role-playing through how one would handle the actual situation.

I think Amy and John are both a class act and I highly recommend everyone to use Reload Firearms for their HQL, Wear and Carry, or holster needs.”

– Ryan Cannon

First I want to say, we could not be happier that we decided to cancel taking our Wear and Carry course from another business in Westminster and join Reload Firearms’ class instead.   

We were so delighted to speak to Amy about their course offering, and to hear how knowledgable she was about the requirements needed to obtain our  permits.  She was super sweet and helpful and made the decision effortless for us to switch to Reload, with no hesitation.   During the class Amy was able to input all the information we needed in the MSP Portal and afterward we had just a few things we needed to do ourselves.   Great customer service she provided the entire class.  

John Dressel the instructor was fantastic.  His style of teaching was terrific, very informative and presented to us in real life situations, which we didn’t expect to be educated that way.  John was also very approachable and funny which made the 2-day course really entertaining and enjoyable.  

There’s no doubt that we would HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to be trained and educated on guns or to get licenses or permits to contact Amy and John, the owners of RELOAD FIREARMS to get signed up.    When the weather stays warm, we are going to meet both at the range to enjoy a day of shooting together and learn more from John; he’s really an awesome instructor. 


John and Amy’s Handgun Course at Reload Firearms is worth the wait to get in.  John has a way to make the course very personal; you can actually see yourself in a position where you need to defend yourself and your loved ones. Great Course!  These guys are TOP KNOTCH, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs their services!   5 STARS


I was fortunate enough to go through the classes for HQL and Wear and Carry with Reload Firearms.  These classes were a big “eye opener” for me.  I knew the basics of gun safety and the pros and cons of guns, but with John’s help through the Reload Firearms classes, he taught me so much more!  I was the only female in both classes that weekend, but I NEVER felt out of place, or that I didn’t belong.  They made me feel comfortable the entire time and treated me great!  These classes are not just for men!  I highly recommend everyone, especially women to go through Reload Firearms’ classes offered by Amy and John; you won’t regret it!!!

-Melissa W.

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